About us

Andrea Wojtak and Wayne Hissong are senior consultants with extensive experience in  combating human trafficking, gender-based violence and serious and organized crime. Our agency, MacLellan Security, assists law enforcement and organizations with a range of services including human trafficking training, risk assessments for human trafficking and legislative and policy analysis and strengthening.

We are passionate about helping governments and organizations strengthen their responses to human trafficking, sexual and gender-based violence and serious and organized crime. Our global experience has allowed us to gather best practices from a variety of regions, each facing unique challenges. We take these best practices and lessons learned to work with organizations to tailor responses to human trafficking and organized crime that reflect financial and human capacities, legislative and policy frameworks, and organizational structures.

The most important best practice that we have gathered in our years of experience is that the focus should always be on the victim and accordingly, all of our trainings are developed using victim-centred, trauma-informed approaches.

We work globally, providing capacity assessments and training on: the indicators of human trafficking; the victim mindset; modus operandi of traffickers and organized criminals; vulnerabilities of individuals and organizations to human trafficking; victim-centred, trauma-informed investigative approaches; victim-led vs victim-built investigations; using open source intelligence; as well as legislative and policy analysis and strengthening to better equip justice systems and organizations to effectively combat human trafficking.


Wayne Hissong is a security specialist with 30 years of domestic and international security  experience. He was a police lieutenant in the United States for 20 years, specializing in crimes against children, before embarking on an international career, first with the United Nations and then as a private consultant.

Wayne now develops and delivers training to law enforcement and organizations on human trafficking, organized crime and corruption. He has developed and delivered trainings to law enforcement around the world including in the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Middle East, West Africa, East Asia and North America.

Wayne holds an MSc in Criminology from the University of Leicester and has taught at Wilfrid Laurier University and Lambton College.  He has also provided expert commentary to the CBC on policing issues in Ontario.


Andrea Wojtak holds a BA and Juris Doctorate from Western University.  Andrea practiced criminal law in Ontario before serving over 8 years with the United Nations, first as the  human trafficking advisor to the UN in Kosovo and then with UNODC in Vienna, Austria helping to strengthen responses of developing justice systems to organized and serious crimes.

She currently works as a consultant for international organizations and has advised governments in the Balkans, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Asia on developing policy and legislative responses to  human trafficking, organized crime, sexual exploitation and gender-based violence. She also develops training for law enforcement and prosecutors on victim-centred, trauma-informed approaches to human trafficking and sexual and gender-based violence.