About us

Andrea Wojtak and Wayne Hissong are security consultants with extensive experience in  conflict resolution and de-escalation. Our agency, MacLellan Security, assists organizations with services ranging from risk assessments to training on de-escalating potentially violent situations and responding to active aggressors/active shooters.

Our specialized services include skills training in conflict de-escalation and reducing/handling workplace violence; training in dealing with employees or customers with unstable or aggressive behaviours and/or substance abuse or cognitive issues and responding to active aggressors in the workplace.


Wayne Hissong is a security specialist with 30 years of domestic and international security  experience. He was a police lieutenant and SWAT commander in the United States for 20 years before embarking on an international career in security, first with the United Nations and then as a private consultant.

Wayne now develops and delivers training on de-escalation, crisis management, workplace violence, and critical security incidents including active aggressors and shooters. He has delivered trainings to businesses and non-profit organizations in Canada. Wayne has also developed and delivered trainings on combating corruption, organized crime and human trafficking to police departments in the Balkans, the Middle East and West Africa.

He is certified in Special Weapons and Tactics, executive protection and counter-sniper tactics. He also holds an MSc in Criminology from the University of Leicester and has taught at Wilfrid Laurier University and Lambton College.  He has also provided expert commentary to the CBC on policing issues in Ontario.


Andrea Wojtak holds a BA and Juris Doctorate from Western University, and has certificates of training in mediation and conflict resolution from the United Nations. She has practised both civil litigation and criminal law in Ontario and served as a board member on Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board. Andrea was also a visiting professor at Western University’s Faculty of Law and taught criminal law at Lambton College.

Andrea served over 8 years with the United Nations in Kosovo and Vienna, Austria helping to strengthen developing justice systems in combating serious and organized crimes. She currently works as a consultant for international organizations. She has advised governments in the Balkans, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia on developing policy and legislative responses to organized crime, human trafficking, sexual exploitation and gender-based violence.